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Know Your Dose Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

Description: Changing someone's mind about cannabis. Giving advice to a family member. Talking your way out of a conflict. What do all of these situations have in common you may be wondering? They are all examples of when “crucial conversation” skills must be used in your daily life. This exciting episode of the Know Your Dose Podcast is all about what crucial conversations are, breaking down the steps to attain masterful conversation skills, and Nadeem and Derek’s personal tips and tricks on becoming a master at this essential skill. Get ready to hear about how to start with heart, become more emotionally aware,  finding the common ground, and so much more! Arizona Proposition 207, the new recreational marijuana bill up for a vote this November, is also discussed. There’s a lot to be learned from this installment about conversation, and you’ll definitely want to hear about the possibilities that lay in wait for Arizona this fall.

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