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Know Your Dose Podcast

Feb 3, 2020

Description: This is the first official episode of the Know Your Dose podcast! In the first half of the episode, hosts Thomas Rimbach, Nadeem Al-Hasan, and Derek Espinoza cover why New Years is overrated, how your relationship with cannabis can change over time, tips on creating goals you can actually achieve, and why you should think about lowering your tolerance to cannabis. When it came to cannabis and pain, Derek shared his personal experience working with medical cannabis patients experiencing chronic pain, Thomas talked about the mental benefits of using cannabis for pain, and how cannabis differs from conventional medications. Nadeem brings the podcast to a close with a discussion on how lifestyle practices such as sleep, mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition can all affect the way we experience pain.


Episode Highlights:

  • The guys share their thoughts on 2019, Nadeem and Thomas talk about why New Years is overrated, and Derek shares his perspective on leveraging the power of a fresh start.


  • Nadeem sheds light on the compound effect, and thoughts on how his relationship with cannabis changed.


  • Deep dive into why we use cannabis, work-life balance, and how we look at personal goal setting.


  • Thomas and Nadeem outline SMART goals, Derek breaks down why you should decrease your cannabis tolerance, and the endocannabinoid system.


  • Derek explains the pros and cons of using cannabis and pharmaceuticals for pain, why opioids can be lethal while cannabis isn’t, and the effects of NSAIDs.


  • Collective discussion on the connection between your brain and your gut.


  • Derek shares personal experiences of working with people suffering from chronic pain and how cannabis can be a gateway to health. Thomas talks about how cannabis can improve mental health.


  • How nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness can improve chronic pain symptoms.


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