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Know Your Dose Podcast

Mar 11, 2020

Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh. This episode of the podcast is all about the art of comedy. Our guest for this show is Eric Bernal, an up and coming stand up comedian. He offers unique insights into starting a career in comedy, chasing your dreams no matter the circumstances, and how comedians use cannabis in different ways. We covered everything from Eric’s roots in spoken word poetry, how to handle hecklers, and the process of writing jokes everyone can relate to. Towards the end of the podcast, Eric opens up about growing up in section 8 housing and how this influenced his opinion of cannabis negatively due to its use being associated with criminal activity. He details his first experience using cannabis, and how he started using it to help calm down after big shows. Eric also highlights the different ways other comedians use cannabis and emphasizes its use as a tool for peak comedic performance. This episode is HIGHlarious, filled with laughs, wisdom, and motivation to follow your passion.

Episode Highlights:

  • Nadeem introduces Eric Bernal and opens up the podcast. Eric describes how he got started in comedy and meeting the Baked Bros crew.


  • Eric explains his style of comedy and the different types of comedians out there. Eric breaks down the process of becoming a comic and developing as a comedian.


  • Eric opens up about his comedic influences, going back to his roots in writing poetry. The group discusses political correctness and comedy, as well as the contagious effect of laughing in a group. 


  • Tips on handling hecklers at comedy shows, how to work the room, and keeping the crowd engaged.


  • Eric outlines how he writes jokes and prepares for a comedy set. 


  • Eric shares a unique perspective on viewing cannabis as a negative early on in life, details his hilarious first time getting high, and how he uses cannabis today.


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