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Know Your Dose Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

Description: Cannabis can provide many benefits for a variety of ailments due to its cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds. Cannabis is extracted into many different forms with some or all of these compounds, and in turn, is classified into different “spectrums”. This episode tackles the ambiguity around these “spectrums”, their different definitions, the problem with how cannabis effects are marketed, and much more! The episode begins with an overview of Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek’s favorite strains, and ends with a discussion about the standardization of cannabis applications for patients and other consumers. Get ready to learn about the diverse spectrums of cannabis and to finally have the record set straight!


Episode Highlights: 


  • Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek talk about strains in general and what their favorites are.


  • Exploration of the entourage effect and introduction to the different spectrums of cannabis extracts.


  • Deep dive on the types of cannabis spectrums, how they are defined, and what that means for consumers/patients.


  • The guys discuss cannabis marketing in terms of strains and effects, and they break down why consistency is important in terms of definitions.


  • Derek describes RSO, whole-plant extracts, and the guys talk about the ambiguity behind “full-spectrum” products.


  • Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek touch on the consistency of isolate products, the de-stigmatization of cannabis, and the effects of standardization.

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