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Know Your Dose Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Description: What do bees, antibiotics, opioids, and flavonoids all have in common? Cannabis! This episode of the podcast starts off by highlighting the top cannabis discoveries of 2019 you probably missed. These obscure findings all add to the idea that cannabis is one of the world’s most versatile plants. The last half of the episode focuses on cannabis research. Many cannabis consumers are unaware of the ins and outs of cannabis research and why we are so far behind. Cannabis science is in its infancy with many critical questions remaining unanswered. The Know Your Dose hosts provide listeners with insights into the world of cannabis research, and offer ideas on where to go next.


Episode Highlights:

  • Discovery #1 Flavonoids and cannflavins: natural anti-inflammatories and discussion of conventional medications.


  • Overview of the different features of cannabis, isolating cannabis compounds, the future of cannabis in medicine.


  • Discovery #2 Bees love hemp: The importance of bees and why they love hemp.


  • Discovery #3 Cannabis can reduce opioid use and abuse: Acute vs chronic pain and the problem with how we prescribe opioids. 


  • Discovery #4 CBD as an antibiotic: How antibiotics work and a breakdown of virus mutations.


  • The current state of cannabis research: Insights into barriers around cannabis research and the major bias that clouds most researchers.


  • What has cannabis been proven to be helpful for? A conversation around different variables and how studies can be skewed when they involve cannabis.


  • Cannabis and PTSD: Variables in research continued and possible solutions.


  • The team highlights that cannabis is not a cure-all, and the cannabis knowledge gap


  • Derek leads a discussion around cannabis and pregnancy.


  • Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek talk about what they want to see studied in cannabis science.


  • Final thoughts on why each host currently uses cannabis.


  • They guys introduce the first "Q&A Sesh" where they answer questions from the audience gathered from social media. 



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