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Know Your Dose Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

This episode of the podcast dives into the world of nutrition with Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist, Stephanie Espinoza. Stephanie opens the show by sharing the experiences that led her to study nutrition and develop her mission of helping others change their lives through nutrition. What is inflammation? Stephanie breaks down the effects of inflammation and what foods contribute to its development. When it comes to specific diets, Stephanie outlines the problems with “diet-culture”. She instead offers vital insights into intuitive eating, a practice that removes the anxiety around dieting. In the last half of the episode, the gut microbiome becomes a significant focus. Stephanie offers advice on following a Mediterranean diet, an 80/20 principle for eating, and organic vs. non-organic foods. This episode is packed with information based on the latest emerging science of nutrition. Listeners will be provided with a new way to approach their eating habits, and with tips on improving their overall health through nutrition.


Episode Highlights:

  • Stephanie outlines her experience getting into nutrition and where her mission started.


  • How the high-sugar, low-fat craze started and the evolution of nutrition research.


  • What inflammation is, sugar and inflammation, what forms of consumption/diets our bodies can handle.


  • How to eat intuitively and listening to what your body responds to, carbs/glycogen and the body, The improper restriction or elimination of food groups.


  • Processed foods, what they are, and what additives are included. Carbs and workouts.


  • Diet Culture, intuitive eating, enjoying cooking, eating new foods. Food nutrients vs supplement nutrients.


  • Functional mushrooms and the importance of fungi.


  • Butter, oils, and the Mediterranean diet. Stephanie’s 80/20 eating principle.


  • The importance of the gut, gut bacteria, and probiotics. Gut microbiome and other emerging science.


  • Eating and self-image. Performance diets vs. long-term diets, the obsession with diet structure and marketing being huge in influencing diet rhetoric.


  • Eating less meat and blue zone eating habits. Organic vs non-organic fruits and vegetables. Grass-fed vs grass-finished meat.


  • Final Nutrition Advice from Stephanie.


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