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Know Your Dose Podcast

Aug 19, 2020

Description: I ate that edible a few hours ago and I feel like I’m still getting higher! What’s going on? On this week’s episode of the Know Your Dose Podcast, join Nadeem and Derek for everything you need to know about how long edibles last, and how long they stay in your system. The episode starts off with a very important conversation about Oregon’s two new drug policy initiatives, and how they could possibly impact the rest of the country if they go through. The conversation continues with a discussion on psilocybin dosing, followed by a review on cannabis dosing, which leads into a segment on why edibles have different effects for different reasons. Learning how long edibles last and stay in your system fills out the rest of the dialogue, and there are TONS of tips and tricks along the way. Who wouldn’t want to know how to beat that unexpected drug test, or how long an edible’s effects last when you eat a meal vs not eating? Tune in to hear more on these exciting topics!

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