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Know Your Dose Podcast

Feb 19, 2020

In this episode of the podcast, the Know Your Dose hosts explore the contents of the mind. What is mindfulness? Why is it important? How do you cultivate it? These are all questions this episode aims to answer. Derek opens the podcast by talking about the importance of starting mindfulness early, detailing his experience doing meditation and yoga with his daughter. Thomas highlights the value of teachers, tools, and practices when learning to meditate. Nadeem covers mindful eating and opens up about using mindfulness to deal with fear and anxiety. Towards the end of the podcast, Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek share their thoughts on how cannabis and psychedelics can be used as powerful tools for investigating the contents of consciousness, fostering mindfulness, and balancing your ego. The episode ends with insights into the personal routines of the Know Your Dose team to give you an idea of how to incorporate mindfulness into your individual life.


Episode Highlights:

  • Derek discusses practicing mindfulness with his young daughter using meditation and yoga. The guys dive into nurturing mindfulness practice and raising kids.  


  • What is Mindfulness? Thomas brought up Sam Harris as a valuable teacher. Discussion on The Arctic Shower Challenge and the power of meditation on the Waking Up App. 


  • Why is Mindfulness important? Thomas mentions Headspace got him into meditation. Techniques like meditating as well as mindful eating reduce stress. Derek listed mindfulness benefits including Immune boost, better sleep, reduce negative emotions, focus, altruism, relationships, self-esteem. 


  • Nadeem opens up about living with fear and anxiety. Derek discusses Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Collective discussion on the importance of routines in the morning and Night. 


  • Derek and Thomas go back and forth on gratefulness and compassion. Thomas discusses being grateful for the very basic things that we take advantage of. 


  • Using Conscious breathing to clear thoughts and regain mindfulness. 


  • Group conversation on being aware of your thoughts and feelings. Differentiating pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral feelings. Don’t give your thoughts power over your mind.


  • Cannabis and Mindfulness. Nadeem talks on cannabis helping you get into mindfulness. Derek highlights how cannabis can increase a busy mind or even increase negative thoughts in some people.


  • Psychedelics and their effects on mindfulness. Discussion of finding balance with your Ego.


  • Personal routines from Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek



Show Notes (People / Products / Mentions):


Principles by Ray Dalio

Peace is Every Step Thich Nhat Hanh

Waking Up App


The Untethered Soul by  Michael A. Singer

Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody

Ram Dass

Belong by Radha Agrawal


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