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Know Your Dose Podcast

Aug 12, 2020

Description: Talking to your kids about cannabis is such a tough subject you may be thinking about avoiding it all together. The Know Your Dose Hosts “know” the feeling, but also “know” the right way to navigate this crucial conversation. Nadeem and Derek spend this week’s episode talking about what it means to be a parent and a responsible cannabis user, how to talk to your kids about cannabis use recreationally and medicinally, and what NOT to do in these high pressure situations. Much of the episode is based on the importance of knowledge, and being open. The KYD hosts go over why it was so difficult for parents to talk about cannabis with their kids in the past, and what tools and resources are available to assist in the conversation today. The Q&A session also has three awesome questions this week! The first question wants to know how many species of mushrooms there are. The second question wants to know if spiritual drug experiences will ever have a place in modern medicine. The third and final  Q&A session question asks: “What’s an obsession you have that most people would be surprised by?” You definitely want to stay tuned for the last question! Listen in on this week’s exciting episode on cannabis, psychedelics, and parenting with Nadeem and Derek.

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