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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jul 29, 2020

Description: Working in the cannabis industry should be such a breeze right? You can just smoke weed all day and everyone is so relaxed all the time, what an easy job! While it may seem like that on the outside looking in, this young and blossoming industry is leveling up in the professionalism category more and more with every passing day. Nadeem and Derek spend this intriguing episode talking about what makes up cannabis workplace culture, why the Baked Bros company culture is so successful, where cannabis company culture has transformed, and more! Learn more about why finding employees that care is so important, mindfulness, and the importance of constant learning. In the Q&A session, the first question asks how the guys found their ideal balance with cannabis, and the second question wants to know what types of psychedelics there are. You definitely don’t want to miss the three big tips on how to have a successful company culture in this week’s episode!

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