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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jul 22, 2020

Description: How can you love yourself if you don’t accept yourself and how can you accept yourself if you don’t love yourself? It may seem like you have to be truly enlightened to have both, but one always comes before the other, and it is a feeling that is truly unmatched when you reach it. Nadeem and Derek spend this exciting episode talking about their own personal experiences with self love and acceptance, and dive deep on what both of these things mean. Throughout the episode, they have conversations about what it means to be positively selfish, discipline vs positive reinforcement, forgiveness vs stress, and other things that impact self love and acceptance. Setting standards and self-validation are also topics that are woven throughout the discussion. Additionally, the Know Your Dose Hosts speak on practices that can propel you forward such as meditation and being alone with your thoughts, as well as how cannabis and psychedelics can (positively or negatively) tie directly into your ability to love and accept yourself! In the Q&A session, the first question requests information on how long cannabis stays good for, and the second question asks: what has been the hardest part of starting a podcast? Tune in for this week’s dose of cannabis, psychedelics and personal development!

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