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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jul 15, 2020

Description: Hippocrates once said, nature itself is the best pharmacist. That being said, is it true?  Nadeem and Derek spend this exciting episode discussing everything from the ways in which nature is important to humans all the way to how cannabis can impact human perception and experience in nature. Nadeem and Derek start off the episode by talking about the impact that humans have on nature, and Nadeem details his trip to Asia. This leads into a discussion about how nature impacts human emotion and what plants do for humans. The impact of plants on humans is subsequently further explored, and Derek lays down some research on how nature impacts overall wellbeing. The episode’s main discussion is wrapped up with a reflection on how cannabis and psychedelics play into nature’s positive effects as well. In the Q&A session, the first question explains the difference between THCA and THC, and the second question asks: How many cannabinoids are in the cannabis plant and how are cannabinoids different than terpenes? We recommend listening to this episode on the way to your favorite place in nature, and unplugging entirely when you get there so you can truly enjoy every aspect of what Earth has afforded us. The Know Your Dose Hosts include plenty of interesting tips and research, so you definitely won’t want to miss this one!

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