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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jul 8, 2020

Description: Cooking with cannabis is nothing new. All throughout history, there has been evidence of cultures around the world infusing the good green herb into their favorite recipes. Today, this same phenomenon occurs, but it definitely looks a little different. Netflix shows like “Cooking On High” and “Bong Appetit” have immersed the everyman into cannabis cooking culture. The only question is, is that a good or bad thing? Nadeem and Derek break down the history behind cooking with cannabis, how the modern cannabis market has changed cooking with cannabis, and what types of food you can incorporate cannabis into. Just a hint... It’s everything. Throughout the episode, the Know Your Dose hosts lay down some awesome tips on homemaking edibles, how to use Baked Bros products in your cooking, making sure your edibles are potent and much more. They also give tips and tricks on how to make consistent edibles and outline what it takes to do so. In the Q&A session, the first question asked has to do with the hosts’ favorite foods to eat after getting high, and the second question asks: if you could have a magic wand and implement one change in the world, what would it be? Get ready to learn more about cannabis, cooking, and culture than you think from Nadeem and Derek!

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