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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jun 24, 2020



Everybody that consumes cannabis likes to get lifted before enjoying their favorite movies, but what about movies where the characters themselves are on cloud 9? Join the Know Your Dose Hosts this week for a trip through time in the world of cannabis in Hollywood. It all starts with Reefer Madness. The guys say their piece on how this movie set the tone for negative cannabis stereotypes, racism, and misinformation. Other classic movies and their tones and themes being more pro-cannabis as time goes on is a topic of discussion as well. Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek talk about the most polarizing stoner films throughout the last century, and discuss how each of these films changed the landscape of the genre, as well as the public’s perception of cannabis as a whole. The hosts also discuss some of the most popular stoner movies throughout the last 50 years, and have a conversation on what movies are their favorites or “must-watches” in the genre. In the Q&A session, the first question asked has to do with cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and what the hosts know about it, and the second question is about finding the best strains for diabetic neuropathy.

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