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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jun 17, 2020

Description: Spacey psychedelics part three: Going to another galaxy on a psychedelic adventure can be life-changing, mentality-altering, or just a lot of fun. Enter: microdosing. The increasingly widespread phenomenon of taking small doses of psychedelics is not a new idea, but modern society is definitely picking up the ball where the 60’s and 70’s dropped it. Microdosing can change your perception on a problem, open up your creativity, enhance concentration, dampen your ego’s booming voice, and much more. The Know Your Dose Hosts open up the episode with an overview of what microdosing is, and why people do it. There are discussions about how psychedelics make us more childlike, increase our connection to nature and people, and how to combat negative side-effects. In the Q&A session, there are two excellent questions asked. The first question is related to cannabis and brain cell damage in athletic vs non-athletic teens, and the second question has the hosts explaining how psychedelics have impacted their lives. Strap in for the third installation of psychedelic exploration with Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek.

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