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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jun 10, 2020

Description: Trippy tales part two: Psychedelics can be tons of fun, and modern society is finally waking up to the fact that psychedelics can also be used as tools and medicine. Now, this doesn’t come easily, as these mystical substances are mostly illegal in America, but it is definitely part of this episode’s engaging dialogue. The barriers to psychedelic research in terms of governmental regulation, the necessity of using isolates, funding, and the steps of clinical research are all explained throughout the episode, as well as where and how pharmaceutical companies will fit into the puzzle once they are regulated. In other sections of the episode, the hosts speak on the nine features of a mystical experience, and whether or not there is an “entourage effect” with psychedelic substances. In the Q&A session, there are discussions about how to determine what dose to take with psychedelics and how to avoid having a bad trip. Tune in to this episode for the second installation of your dose of psychedelics with the Know Your Dose Hosts.

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