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Know Your Dose Podcast

May 27, 2020

Description: Nobody has ever died as a direct result of taking too much THC. That being said, over consuming cannabis can definitely feel like you are dying sometimes. Most people that have tried THC have had an experience where they were just too high, and Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek are no strangers to this feeling. If there was a way to standardize cannabis for all and prevent people from taking too much, they would do it. In this week’s episode, the Know Your Dose hosts discuss the best ways to prevent overdosing yourself with cannabis, tips on what to do if you have consumed too much, and the problems in the current cannabis industry that make overconsumption much easier than it should be. The episode is not only full of information about safe dosing though, but also wild stories from the hosts’ personal experiences, and tons of facts about cannabis overconsumption truths and myths over America’s history. In the Q&A session at the end, there is a discussion about whether or not cannabis lowers IQ and if cannabis is a good pre-workout.

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