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Know Your Dose Podcast

May 20, 2020

Description: Arizona has had an intriguing last decade when it comes to cannabis. After passing Proposition 203 in 2010, we have seen the medical marijuana industry blossom before our eyes into a thriving community of businesses that serve an ever-growing patient population. Former prosecutor, lobbyist, and current cannabis advocate/consultant, Demitri Downing, joins the Know Your Dose hosts in this insightful episode. Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek discuss the fruition of the Arizona cannabis industry, Demitri’s involvement in current and past legislation, and the possibility of adult-use cannabis this November. Demetri and the hosts also discuss the importance of personal freedom and introspection, and distinguish the difference between “adult-use” and “adult-choice”. Listen in for up to date news on the Arizona industry, what it will take for the free market of cannabis to thrive in a recreational market, and the history behind the last decade of Arizona’s medical program. 

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