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Know Your Dose Podcast

May 6, 2020

Description: Walking into a dispensary is like being a kid in a candy store for many adults. That being said, it hasn’t always been as easy as it is today to find high-quality, lab-tested cannabis. Decades of arrests, threats of imprisonment, and hardship were endured by industry frontrunners that worked tirelessly to get us to where we are today. Though she was thankfully able to keep her hands clean, cannabis educator and Director of Patient Services at Sol Flower Dispensaries, Jane Fix, joins The Know Your Dose hosts for this episode on cannabis culture and its evolution over the years. Jane is a longtime proponent of plant medicine, and has experience in the Arizona industry since day one. Tune in to hear more about the fascinating life story of “the Mother Teresa of cannabis”, tips on how to start cannabis consumption as a new patient, cannabis culture’s changes over the years, and more!


Episode Highlights:


  • Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek introduce Jane and learn more about what made her the cannabis educator that she is today


  • The Know Your Dose hosts and Jane discuss the grassroots of the Arizona industry and original cannabis collectives


  • Jane, Thomas, and Nadeem talk about what cannabis culture means and how it is evolving


  • The necessity for testing, and current lack thereof in the cannabis industry is discussed


  • Jane speaks on how she helps new patients break the barrier of entry to cannabis as medicine


  • There is a small miscommunication between Jane and Nadeem at 22.27-22.37. Nadeem is talking about the amount of time that CA has had an operational medical program (1996, correct at about 25 years), while Jane is still on the last thought about them being about 15 years ahead of Arizona with their program (2010, also correct)

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