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Know Your Dose Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

Description: How are you supposed to do anything about a global pandemic when we seem so insignificant in a world of almost 8 billion people?  Thomas and Nadeem had those thoughts running through their heads too, which is why they started their Think Global, Support Local campaign. The Baked Bros co founders may not be able to support everyone around the globe in need, but they realized that they can definitely help support their local community while still keeping the world in their thoughts, living with intention, and learning from mistakes when it comes to impacting the Earth. In the beginning of the episode, The Know Your Dose hosts open up on what it means to run a successful campaign as a cannabis business, the importance of communication, radical candor, creativity, and adaptability within a company. Listen in to hear more about their creative process, what makes the Baked Bros team a well-oiled machine, and why this campaign means so much to them.


Episode Highlights:


  • Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek discuss why and how the Think Global, Support Local campaign was initiated


  • Discussion about learning from mistakes and radical candor


  • The hosts discuss the importance of planning, having an agenda, and recapping in meetings


  • The guys have a debate on whether a creative person is born or made


  • How Baked Bros works as a team and strategically uses available resources

Show Notes (People / Products / Mentions):

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