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Know Your Dose Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Description: Public affairs expert, Joe DeMenna, has been an instrumental figure in the Arizona cannabis industry over the last several years. In this episode, Joe opens up about his journey from growing up Mormon to lobbying for the cannabis industry as a patient himself. Joe and The Know Your Dose hosts discuss product testing, how the medical marijuana landscape could change at the end of 2020 with legalization, and how cannabis can help combat the abuse of pharmaceuticals. The episode wraps up with a discussion around Joe’s personal cannabis favorites and tips for those new to cannabis.


Episode Highlights:


  • Joe DeMenna discusses how cannabis ties into his work lobbying and his family life


  • Thomas, Nadeem, Derek, and Joe discuss the positives and negatives of Prop 205 not passing in 2016


  • The “Smart and Safe Arizona” initiative is explained and product testing is discussed


  • Thomas, Nadeem, Derek, and Joe discuss what the landscape of cannabis businesses will look like if “Smart and Safe AZ” passes


  • Joe discusses his usual consumption methods, favorite strains, and favorite edibles. Tips for new consumers are given as well


Show Notes (People / Products / Mentions):


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