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Know Your Dose Podcast

Apr 15, 2020

Description: Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like your edibles weren’t working? This episode tackles common myths, expert tips, and facts you need to know about edible consumption and how to maximize your dose. In the Q&A Sesh, the Know Your Dose hosts discuss if Baked Bros syrup is better mixed with hot or cold drinks, and if what they would eat if they were limited to one meal for the rest of their lives.  


Episode Highlights:


  • Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek discuss beginner dosing with edibles and the 10mg recommendation problem.


  • The guys have a conversation about sublingual administration vs. oral consumption. 


  • Myths about edibles are dispelled and replaced with tips on how to maximize your edibles. 


  • Set (mindset) and setting (surroundings) are discussed, as well as the importance of consistency.


  • In the Q&A Sesh, the Know Your Dose hosts discuss their favorite meal and the effectiveness of Baked Bros syrup in hot and cold drinks.


Show Notes (People / Products / Mentions):


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