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Know Your Dose Podcast

Apr 1, 2020

Description: You often hear in the cannabis industry that the harms of smoking cannabis are minimal, but is this true? The episode starts off with some comical explanations of Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek’s personal experience of using cannabis and how they have thought about smoking over the years. This conversation led Thomas to give a brief overview of how the lungs work to set the stage for how cannabis, smoking, and vaping affect the lungs based on the latest research. Many may find these conclusions surprising, but this show never shies away from difficult topics. While nobody on the Know Your Dose show plans to stop smoking cannabis, they do outline several harm-reduction techniques to keep your lungs breathing free and clear.

Episode Highlights:


  • The guys talk about their first experiences with cannabis and how their thoughts on smoking have changed over the years.


  • Thomas describes lung function, how smoke affects the lungs, and breaks down different lung diseases.


  • Derek highlights the connection between the endocannabinoid system, cannabis inhalation, and vulnerability to viral infections such as COVID-19.


  • Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek debate about the differences between the way concentrates and flower affect the lungs.


  • Derek gives harm reduction tips on using cannabis to prevent as much damage as possible.


  • In the Q&A Sesh, the Know Your Dose hosts give tips on staying clean and organized, how to pair cannabis effectively with food for maximum benefit, and what their most daring moments have been.


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