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Know Your Dose Podcast

Jun 3, 2020

Description: Life is a trip! For thousands of years, people have been eating and drinking psychedelic compounds and concoctions to heal, ground themselves, and get closer to the divine. This phenomenon still continues today throughout a multitude of cultures across the globe, and we are learning more about psychedelics every year. In this episode, Thomas, Nadeem, and Derek review the history of psychedelic use throughout global cultures, ancient history, and modern science. There are conversations about misnomers in regards to hallucinogens, hallucinations vs delusions, facts about different psychedelic substances, and more. In the Q&A session, there is a discussion about what is most important to the hosts when considering cannabis companies and the best practices for taking psychedelics for the first time. Tune in to this episode for the first installation of your dose of psychedelics with the Know Your Dose Hosts.

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